Something's Always Happening at The MineShaft Bar..............Monday,..All the Draft Beer the Bartender says you can drink..$8.00..6PM-2AM..............Tuesday,..!!Dollar Schnapps!!..............Wednesday,..Ladies Nite..All Day-All Nite..............Thursday, Friday, Saturday,..!!DJ Dance Club!!******'The Latest to The Greatest'********..............2 Happy Hours Every Weekday,..7AM--8AM,..AND..5PM--6PM..............FLASH ......Bad Attitude - Good Fuck Panties on sale while supplies last
The MineShaft Bar
Where in the Fucka
is Winnemucca?

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The MineShaft Bar
44 W. Railroad Street
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

(775) 623-4933
"Where T and A is A-O.K."
Open 24/7
(We forgot to put a lock on the front door)

The MineShaft Bar has been providing much needed entertainment to the miners, drillers, bikers, buckaroos, and railroaders of Northern Nevada for many years. Originally called the 'Mule Saloon' the building has housed a full service bar since 1975. Under various owners over the years the bar has been called "The Office Bar", "The In-Laws Grass Shack", and "Clancy's Office Bar". No matter what the name was, it's always been "The Best Dive in Town" and your Hometown Rock & Roll Club!

This website is something between a personal homepage and a commercial website. It was created by me,Mike Leavitt, using the 1st Page HTML Editor. The purpose of the website is to tell you about my bar,The MineShaft Bar, and the things there are to do here and in Northern Nevada. The contents and links on these pages are things that interest me and I think you'll like them too. This is my first website and I'll be adding to it all the time. Use the Gold Bar buttons, or the picture links on the right to navigate to my other pages.

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"The best thing about Winnemucca
is that it's 500 miles from Las Vegas."

In between is most of the Great Basin punctuated with small towns, and I've spent time in most of them. Winnemucca is the only small town in Nevada that I'd want to live in now. I moved here from Las Vegas in 1971 when my father took a lease on the Austin Jumbo gold mine. I was impressed by the landscape, with mountain ranges, one after another, marching to the horizon in every direction, and a population density of 1/2 per square mile. The people I met were friendlier than Vegas too. After a few months here I saw Las Vegas as a nice place to visit, but not a police state I'd want to live in.

Humboldt County

Humboldt County was settled in the late 1800's by miners and ranchers. The Humboldt river was the best route across the Great Basin for the California bound wagon trains, providing water and feed for their draft animals for 400 miles. Interstate 80 follows roughly the same path as the emigrant wagon trail. We can cross the state at 75 miles per hour, but early travelers were lucky to make 12 miles a day. The county is as large as some eastern states and stretches all the way to the Oregon border.40 miles North of Winnemucca is the jewel of small town Nevada, the township of Paradise Valley, nestled against the Santa Rosa range.

One of the things about Nevada that always amazes even sophisticated visitors are the legal brothels that, in Northern Nevada, are usually located inside the city limits. Winnemucca has a red light district that contains 5 legal brothels on a cul-de-sac a block from the center of town. This arrangement works well here, the girls are independent contractors working in a safe environment and required weekly medical testing and condom use make it much safer for their patrons as well. The local girly houses have their own website. Click HERE to check it out.
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The MineShaft Bar      44 W. Railroad St.
Winnemucca Nevada
Large Selection of
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Large Selection of
 Import/Specialty Beers 
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Large Dance Floor Three Pool Tables
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